Future Auctions

Finally find that unicorn gun only to be cash poor?  I can't count all the times it has happened to me.  Worse yet the auction ends in a few days and you don't want to ask the missus for permission because you know she will demand a piece of jewelry "Because that is only fair".  Well I have a solution.  After a preview of 7 days on kesagegunparts.com I will list the firearm on Gunbroker and the auction will have a duration of 7 days.  If I have done my math correctly that gives you about 14 days to sell some of those dusty guns, cash in your life insurance policy, or sell a kidney.  I will begin my auctions on Sunday evening when most folks are home winding down.  Please do not email me with a private offer, if you want it yer gonna have to bid on it unless there is a price below the photo.  Most auctions begin at a penny!!



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